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Sourcing + Procurement

With 15 years of expertise in Sourcing + Procurement, we have established preferred supplier and Gold Partner status with a number of key customers across the globe. We are here to ensure the full lifecycle of your procurement activities are in the right hands.

A single purchase order to consolidate complex execution

through simplified procurement

Our Strategy

Analysis of Client Needs 
We take time to understand your environment and recommend hardware, software and services that consider your technology requirements and budget.

Finalize BOM
Once these needs are established, a dedicated team will build a bill of materials that will encompass the project in its entirety. 

Comprehensive Quote
Procurement will utilize the BOM, negotiating the best pricing and terms on behalf of the client reflected on the EOS formal quote.

Purchase Order
The client will provide a purchase order to the sales team to trigger the procurement team to book the order. 

Procurement processes purchase order, ensuring equipment lead times coincide with the project scope. Expedites will be issued if there are concerns regarding shipent dates. The Project Manager will monitor and report all details of the status of the order to the client.

Receipt + Inspection
Upon receipt of the equipment to our warehouse, EOS will coordinate with the logistics and project management teams to arrange delivery of hardware based on project schedule. 

Project Completion 
The Project Manager will provide daily progress reports and upon completion ask that the project be signed off by the client.