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Environmental Sustainability

EOS acknowledges the importance of protecting the environment and following globally recognized guidelines.


Environmental Sustainability

EOS acknowledges the importance of protecting the environment and following globally recognized guidelines.

Our Environmental Sustainability Strategy

EOS IT Solutions is a global organization that is committed to supporting projects that aim to reduce emissions and protect the environment. This commitment demonstrates our dedication to sustainability and our desire to drive innovation while offering our customers, partners, and employees the confidence that we are doing our part to improve the planet’s atmosphere.

We aim to comply with all internationally recognized laws and national regulations that may apply in each country where we operate. EOS takes responsibility for its environmental impact by minimizing energy and water consumption and waste generation.

We continue to influence and take corrective action where necessary to ensure that we operate our global organization in an environmentally responsible manner. Our strategy for achieving this goal consists of three main priorities, all of which aim to significantly reduce our environmental footprint. By implementing these priorities, we hope to create not just a sustainable future, but also a regenerative one.

1. Transition to a clean environment

We have calculated our baseline carbon footprint, identified carbon reduction opportunities, and understand the indirect emissions associated with our supply chain. Our biggest source of emission comes from energy consumption generated through our global operational capabilities and business practices.

Various eco-friendly practices have been identified throughout our global offices. At EOS we are promoting a paper-free environment through our day -to-day operational + sourcing functions, and we have environmental management systems in place across our global locations. We remain focused in providing our Customers best services + solutions for their smart buildings which offers better experiences for users, enable greater collaboration, and optimize a building’s usage rates, building upon a more sustainable future while also supporting our Customers environmental goals.

Actions will be taken to reduce our energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions, including implementing an energy monitoring system, identifying emission hotspots, evaluating supplier sustainability, collaborating with business partners, improving energy efficiency and reducing waste, and continue to offer best hybrid working environment to our people.

    2. Promote a circular economy through business practices and supply chain

    To achieve an environmentally sustainable future, there is a deep focus on moving from a linear economy to a circular economy. As a global IT organization, we remain committed to providing sustainable services and solutions that help customers and business partners achieve their sustainability goals through circular economy practices.

    We are bringing sustainability into practice at a global scale by providing services and solutions like:

    • Hybrid Workplace Solutions
    • Smart Workspaces
    • Reuse and E-waste Recycling services
    • IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Program
    • Sustainability qualifications in collaboration with our business partners

    EOS also strives to assist our partners in transitioning to a circular economy, reducing risk by creating a sustainable supply chain, and providing complete lifecycle solutions. We aid customers in sustainably returning products, meeting RFP demands, expanding relationships with similar-minded customers, and implementing sustainability practices. We initiate dialogues with business executives to gain access to new purchasing opportunities.

    3. Invest in a resilient ecosystem

    Our organization has a responsibility to ensure that our ethical practices reflect our dependence on nature for survival, well-being, and economic prosperity.

    We are committed to promoting diversity and retaining female stakeholders. As a women-owned business and proud member of WEConnect, we provide in-house workshops and collaborate with local learning establishments to ensure the professional development of our diverse team.

    Our EOS Business Operations Skills Academy is a six-week training program that provides practical knowledge and real-world experience for working with global market-leading clients. This yearly program supports talent of any age who wish to pursue a new career path in IT. We offer training in Inside Sales, Order Management, Customs, Logistics, Trade Compliance, Procurement, and Project Management.

    In addition, we support our community by providing local schools and small businesses with the latest technology products for skill development while taking into account environmental considerations.

    EOS aims to empower a diverse culture and invest in the latest technology. We provide services and solutions to support a regenerative economy. We aim to reduce our environmental footprint across all scopes and invest in business and charity partners who prioritize SDG goals and responsible business practices to advance global sustainability.

    Our Environmental Goals