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Cisco Webex Board 70


The Cisco Board Pro 55/75 is a fully self-contained system on a high-resolution 4k LCD screen. With built-in, dual 4k cameras, embedded microphone array, and a capacitive touch interface, the board brings intelligence, style, and usability to small-to-large meeting rooms.

Cisco Board Pro was built to power hybrid teamwork: high-quality, AI-powered meetings, consistent experiences, open integrations, and unified management were added to transform meeting spaces of all sizes in a simple way. With Board Pro, your team can experience smart meetings, best-of-breed visual collaboration, and robust room, device, and software integrations. This level of feature innovation and premium experience can now be brought to every room and every team with a single, integrated unit. It is a purpose-built device that seamlessly supports:

  • Multi-platform video collaboration – Unlike other collaboration displays, Board Pro is designed to deliver a collaboration experience that replicates in-person meetings, supporting any meeting platform. With high-quality, AI-powered video and audio, it enables inclusive and intelligent hybrid video conferencing to build connection and digital proximity among dispersed teams.
  • Visual collaboration – Empower your teams to generate ideas or problem-solve. The digital whiteboard lets teams brainstorm, draw, use stickies, and annotate in a freeform fashion on an infinite canvas. Use two dedicated styli and touch-based pinch and zoom for details and precision.
  • Continuous collaboration – Every session is stored in a Webex space so you never lose an idea. Work can continue across time zones and teams can add to it any time. Share ideas and collaborate across distances without the fear of losing your work.
  • Local collaboration – Pair the device with your laptop, share wirelessly, and annotate on any content. Go from ideate, to create, to iterate—using one capacitive touchscreen.
  • Agile workflows – Agile teams can quickly access their preferred project management apps and collaboration tools through integrated web apps and draw, annotate, or share ideas seamlessly.
  • Hybrid education – Teachers can instruct in-room and remote students with the digital whiteboard, where files are saved and can be shared with the entire class after the session. Bring in experts from around the world to share their knowledge with students.
  • Digital signage – Cisco Board Pro allows you to show custom content with the aim to provide information that is important to the workforce and guests, including upcoming town hall dates, company calendars, safety guidelines, and critical alerts in open spaces, hallways, and lobby areas.
Cisco Webex Board 70

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