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Onsite Audit

We offer onsite audit services at any time during the life of your assets or with asset collection. Our engineers capture all required data needed, which includes serial number, asset tag and physical location. We can keep the data in our state of the art portal or you may want to upload the data into your asset management system.

Data Center Services

We have a proven track record of helping enterprise companies manage their data center requirements. EOS IT Solutions regularly decommission servers and racks, SANS, network gear, cabling, telecom equipment and end user equipment in Data Centers. We offer support services which include cable removal/mining, lease returns, data destruction, inventory reporting, packing and shipping and asset resale and e-recycling.

Asset De-Installation & Removal

EOS IT Solutions highly skilled engineers will securely deinstall, pack and palletize your company’s assets and using our logistics team transport them to the nearest EOS ITAD facility for processing. During this process serial numbers and asset tags and customer data will be captured. An installation service can be provided if the assets are being replaced.

Data Erasure

EOS IT Solutions has selected Blancco data sanitization software as our Data Erasure software. Blancco data erasure software erases to industry standards and provides tamper-proof reports to meet security and compliance requirements

Storage Media Destruction

EOS IT Solutions offers both physical shredding and shredding alternatives for onsite destruction. We send EOS truck mount shredders to your premises to destroy your assets, we can also securely bring your assets to one of our ITAD facilities for shredding. Degaussing is also offered which destroys data through the use of powerful electromagnetic fields. The magnetic charge renders data unrecoverable. All options of our options meet the necessary standards for erasure and destruction of data internationally.


EOS IT Solutions manage and stock your asset inventory for major deployment or redeployment activities. We can tailor programs to suit your businesses objectives, whether your company is deploying new equipment or redeploying decommissioned assets.