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Secure Data Erasure or Drive Destruction

EOS IT Solutions offers erasure of data and drive destruction at your premises or at one of our locations. Regardless of the option you choose, we ensure sensitive data and confidential information is permanently destroyed and irrecoverable from your IT assets.

We adhere to industry standards and include all documentation required for regulatory and corporate compliance.

Chain Of Custody Management

Regardless of where an asset is collected globally, we manage and track the asset in real time. From collection booking through to reporting, our web portal is specifically designed to give our team visibility and a complete audit-able chain of custody through a global portal.

Logistics Services

Our global logistics heritage allows us to offer secure logistics to suit your needs. Our global network not only significantly reduces the cost of freight to our customers, but miles driven by our fleet which in turn reduces vehicle emissions. We stand by providing ethical and sustainable solutions.

For more information on our global logistics please click here.

De-Installation & Asset Removal

EOS IT Solutions trained engineers are available to fulfil hardware de-installations and audits at your facility for office and data center environments.

Asset Processing

We provide full visibility for our customers for every asset. When the assets arrive at one of our many processing centres, each asset is individually tracked through the disposition process. If hard drives aren’t erased or destroyed at the customer location, they are sanitized during processing. Where required the asset serial number is identified in all certificates of destruction (COD) to ensure our partners are legally and corporately compliant.

Refurbish, Repair, Reuse, Remarket

Assets that hold a market value, are fully tested, graded and refurbished for re-sale. We have multiple retail, direct and wholesale channels we can resell the assets to, which gives the client maximum value recovery.

De-manufacturing & Recycling

EOS IT Solutions are committed to responsibly recycling IT assets that no longer hold a market value. All devices which hold data and confidential information are shredded multiple times to ensure data destruction. The equipment is then recycled and is compliant with local and international e-waste regulations and certified to the highest environmental standards.