Recap of Cisco Partner Summit 2023

On November 6-9 hundreds of Cisco Partners from around the world gathered in Miami for Cisco’s annual Partner Summit event. And what an event it was for EOS! While at the conference Daniel Strain (CEO), Brendan Strain (COO) and EOS Sales leaders had formal meetings that included nearly senior level Cisco executives from around the globe. We discussed our capabilities and corporate investments and how they can be used in partnership with Cisco to deliver world class customer solutions. Around these formal meetings we hosted dinners and informal sessions to continue building strategic relationships and new business opportunities.

In auxiliary presentations, Cisco’s CEO Chuck Robbins and other leaders talked about technology trends and associated sales priorities for the fiscal year. From infrastructure and security needed to support the buildout of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to continuing customer needs around sustainable hybrid work, EOS is well positioned to capitalize on these global trends.

According to Cisco’s research, 98% of corporate meetings in the future will have at least one remote participant. Yet only 15% of conference rooms are video enabled. This is right in the wheelhouse of the EOS value proposition.

Throughout the week we continued to hear “EOS’ brand has never been stronger”. These comments were not just empty niceties as EOS was awarded with two Golden Tickets. These Golden Tickets were rewards to key partners for strategic initiatives within the partnership. Very few Cisco partners received even one, much less two, Golden Tickets. Certainly, a pride point for EOS.

Finally, the week concluded with EOS being named West Innovation Partner Of The Year.

The future is bright at EOS!