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An immersive boardroom experience that creates an environment where all participants are fully engaged + involved.

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An immersive boardroom experience is created with a setup that ensures full engagement and involvement of all participants. The configuration includes four quad cameras and screens positioned at eye level, providing in-room participants with an immersive view of remote attendees and shared content. Known as Project Campfire, this setup aims to create a sense of face-to-face collaboration for both in-person and virtual participants, bridging the gap of distance and ensuring equal opportunity for participation in round table discussions.

How we can help…

EOS covers the full procedure from Pre-Design right through to final commissioning & Installation

  • Pre-Sales Design including One-Lines & Visualisations of Clients’ Space
  • Detailed design development of the overall system including infrastructure drawings, cable pull schedules
  • Furniture – we work with our preferred partners/clients’ partners to bring the technology and furniture into one efficient system.
  • Programming – we were part of the Beta Campfire test with Cisco BU, and we have dedicated Cisco Programmers for Gui’s and Navigator interfaces to meet customer requirements
  • Addition of smart building components such as lights, blinds & motorized systems can be added through Macros
  • Procurement of all technology hardware, Gold partners with Cisco amongst others
  • Logistics – we can supply, store and deliver globally
  • Commissioning – Global AV Engineering leaders to finalize system and meet customer sign-off


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