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In response to current climate crisis, EOS IT Solutions as a global organisation is committed to engage in projects which reduce emissions and protect the environment.

The promise to reduce (and eventually eliminate) emissions demonstrates the dedication we have to sustainability; driving innovation and offering our customers, partners and employees increased confidence in EOS’ resilience to improve our planet’s atmosphere.

At EOS we continue to influence and take corrective action where required to drive our organisation in environmentally responsible manner in each country our business operates, can have an impact, and leave a footprint on the environment through consumption on energy, water, and generation of waste.

Environmental Responsibility

This environmental policy applies to our board of directors, employees in all global business functions, EOS warehousing, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders associated with our organisation.

EOS Environmental team is responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented in all areas of our business. However, all employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.

Policy Aims

Through our endeavours we aim to protect the environment and we will:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and standards applicable in all countries our organisation has trading footprint.
  • Continue to identify, improve our environmental performance, and take action to reduce our carbon footprint in our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.
  • Promote sustainable practices in our global organisation by creating employee awareness.
  • Seek to prevent pollution and minimise the impact of our activities upon the environment through rigorous management of our environmental systems.
  • Seek to minimise waste by using recycled materials through our provided services + solutions.
  • Engage employees, suppliers, and customers in mitigating environmental impact and raise awareness amongst stakeholders to help promote environmental practices and change behaviours.


Our Environmental Progress + Focus Areas

As a business we aim to achieve highest environmental milestones by involving all our internal and external stakeholders and creating transparency in our journey while supporting environmentally friendly charities and actions globally which benefit communities worldwide.

Our designated and committed team members are working hard towards achieving our sustainability goals while we will continue to focus on

Energy, Waste + Water

  • Reducing energy consumption, waste of water and generation of waste through our global offices+ warehouses
  • Investing in technology or systems to reduce cost on electricity, waste generation, and water usage.
  • investing in our buildings to promote generation of renewable energy.
  • continue to improve our recycling systems in our offices + warehouse facilities.
  • promoting a paper free environment through our business + supply chain
  • support our E-waste programmes internally + and as a service to our global partners.
  • promoting smart buildings through investment which is proven to be key driver for business decision while supporting employee well-being, space utilization, increases cost savings, and environmental sustainability practices.

Our people + Our supply chain

  • Education + training of our employees on environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities.
  • Monitoring progress and reviewing environmental performance against set targets and objectives on regular basis with all our internal + external stakeholders
  • Continue to select and monitor our suppliers against our set environmental KPI standards.
  • Our commitment to communicate our organisations environmental aims and objectives to all internal + external stakeholders.


    This environmental policy is available on request or via our website. If you wish to obtain a copy or would like to discuss our commitment and progress of objectives, please contact EOS Environmental team via email environmental@eosits.com