Lifecycle Support Services

EOS IT Solutions Simplifies your ITAD Program

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Optimize your next asset refresh

We find many in-house IT teams find they haven’t the time or resources to handle a major IT asset refresh project. EOS IT Solutions take all asset refresh responsibilities, which in turn leaves your IT team to concentrate on their day to day IT objectives and initiatives.

We provide efficient and supportive asset replacement with onsite or order in services.

ITAD Data Center Services

EOS IT Solutions regularly decommission servers and racks, SANS, network gear, cabling, telecom equipment and end user equipment in Data Centers. We offer support services which include cable removal/mining, data destruction, inventory reporting, packing and shipping and asset resale and e-recycling.

End of Lease Services

We understand for many companies leasing laptops, PC’s and other IT business requirements can prove to be the most effective option. Companies must be aware at the end of the lease period, to follow specific guidelines and conduct strict auditing and best chain of custody practices to protect company information and avoid paying fees for damaged or lost IT equipment.

Our ITAD services can help your company keep on track, by ensuring all data is erased and auditing your equipment to make sure the IT equipment goes back to the leasing company in the same condition you received the assets.