Systems Reporting


Systems Reporting

Regular and Flexible Reporting

With EOS Care’s comprehensive reporting tools, we can spot trends in system performance and report on requirements for upgrades or replacements. Reports are available in a range of formats and frequencies (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.) so that you have total flexibility. Formats available include; PDF, XML CSV, SQL. Dump Available Frequencies; Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Client Reporting

Using the Client Notes Report, we can produce a report outlining problems encountered and technician entered root causes.

Bandwidth & Performance Monitoring

We can easily identify when and where performance bottlenecks occur with Bandwidth and Performance Monitoring History Reports. 24-hour and eight-day history reports of bandwidth usage, or any Performance Monitoring parameter (such as processor utilization) are available to allow us to proactively spot trends that could impact on your network, or diagnose any performance issues that you may have experienced.

Hardware and software inventory reporting

With Asset Inventory Tracking EOS Care can produce informative and concise inventory reports showing all the hardware and software installed.

Fault history reporting

Our Fault History report tool shows your systems’ uptime and helps with diagnosing the root cause of any outages.

Critical event reporting

This report shows critical events across all endpoints and servers without having to manually login to every server, or trawl through a mountain of emails. This allows us to quickly scan your asset base, identify any problems and act.


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