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The integration of furniture and technology is shaping how people collaborate across the globe. EOS IT Solutions provides executive boardroom tables and chairs designed to suit immersive video conferencing suites - creating work spaces that offer comfort and collaboration with TelePresence technologies.

TelePresence Table

The EOS TX 1310 / CTS 1300 table has been designed to support high definition TelePresence technology. The design not only encompasses a sleek finish but also optimises camera alignment, presenting the data on screen in the ideal position for all TelePresence users.

Modular in design, the table can be adapted for 2, 4 or 6 people. The curved configuration provides a design which encourages all participants to feel that they are sharing the same space. These tables can be customized to match your technology requirements.

  • 10 No. RJ45 Ports to table legs
  • 10 No. Power receptacles to table legs
  • Walnut and mapke veneer finish
  • Opaque glass centre
  • Fixing points for TX - 1310 mic units
  • Cable trays

For more information on the EOS TelePresence tables, please contact info@eosits.com

E500 Acoustic Chair

The E500 Acoustic Chair offers consistently high comfort levels regardless of the users weight, height or posture. The E500 not only provides complete comfort, permeability and elasticity, but also delivers refined beauty and usability in its slim design.

The chair presents sound housing which complements its acoustic features. The E500 Chair's high-tech and comfort features include:

  • Backrest curvature
  • 1.53cm synchronised tilting
  • Adjustible tilt tension
  • Adjustible arm depth
  • Height adjustible arms
  • Seat slope adjustment
  • Seat slide adjustment


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