Internet of Things


Internet of Things

IoT is not a new thing - it has simply evolved

 Early trials and deployments of the Internet of Things network began with connecting industrial equipment. Today, the vision of IoT has expanded to connect everything from industrial equipment to everyday objects - from gas turbines to automobiles to utility meters.

By 2020, IoT will consist of 50 billion connected devices connected to the Internet! 

The corporate workplace is evolving and going through a series of dramatic changes that will re-shape how businesses are organised  and how they operate. IoT is an integral part of this change and evolvment. It can enable an exchange of data never available before and bring users information in a more secure way - helping your business become better connected.

IoT and your business

Is your main business focus to:

  • Reduce costs?
  • Improve productivity?
  • Increase efficiency?
  • Continue to innovate?

We can help!

As EOS IT Solutions are partnered with Cisco Systems we can help deploy your integrated architecture from the cloud to your end devices in a networked environment specific to your needs. We provide specific solutions that can help your business environment get connected with:

  • Connected Workspace Solutions
  • Enhanced Office Producivity through Digital Ceilings
  • Collaboration in room controls

EOS IT Solutions offers a wide range of collaboration solutions which we can integrate into various workspace types from personal video units to boardroom surroundings. We will help you deploy technology architecture that provides the foundation to align with the goals and objectives of your business.



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